Cloud Services Brokerage

Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB)

Your cloud middleman, a liaison between technology and business. A CSB lifts the burden of dealing with the cloud services providers, vendors and technicians.

If you’re looking for a safe and convenient journey in the cloud, then contacting a Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) is probably the right choice for you. When you want to travel commercially you typically book your flight with a well-known and cost effective airline to ensure your trip goes well. You put your trust in the hands of your flight crew, ground crew and the control tower accepting that they are going to make sure everything goes smoothly. A CSB works the same way. When you fly, your airline and the entire aviation apparatus strives to get you safely and securely to your destination. Through this management and oversight the world’s airlines have become a commoditized service provider. This is what is slowly happening in the cloud services marketplace. So often you buy your ticket and take for granted everything that goes into your flight. Low fare travel is abundant as are cloud services. Duncan and other reputable cloud services brokerages seek out, test and bundle the best cloud accommodations.

“A CSB is what gets the consumer out of the ‘between a rock and a hard place’ problem of not having to become an expert in the details of how a cloud service is delivered.”

Daryl C. Plummer*
Forbes Magazine, March 22, 2012

A CSB is a middleman, a liaison between technology and business. They advise you of performance, costs, security, risks, and standards unique to your business and industry. A CSB is up to date on all regulations, privacy issues and case law that may impact your business. Daryl C. Plummer, Vice President & Fellow at the well-known and respected information technology research and advisory firm Gartner*, is credited with coining the term cloud services brokerage and developing the concept in the market place. According to Forrester there are three different types and each is outlined below:

Simple Cloud Broker

A simple cloud broker is able to provide a mass of knowledge and help within one cloud segment, either Infrastructure (IaaS) or Platform (PaaS) services.

Full Infrastructure Broker

A full infrastructure broker is able to provide service across public, private, and hybrid clouds and offers a wide range of services.

SaaS Broker

A software (SaaS) broker researches SaaS providers and offers presale suggestions and after-the-sale services such as unified billing, service level agreement, monitoring, and contract management.


Looking for something a little more applicable? Change management perhaps? Could you use someone to help with managing the personalities, expectations and abilities of your employees? For assistance with your soft side of technology, you will find brokerages that specialize in the human element. People and change, these are two considerations very few cloud practitioners discuss. However, people are something every business has to deal with. Dealing with the human element is the core strength of a specialist cloud services brokerage (SCSB).

Much like the bundling that occurs with an average travel package (ticket, car, and hotel), a specialist cloud services brokerage coordinates all aspects of your IT ecosystem by providing unified management and unified billing, service level agreement management, accessible customer support, and the ability to rapidly add and remove users. A SCSB will lift the burden of dealing with cloud services providers, vendors, and technicians. With a SCSB you have someone middle-manning the situation, proactively addressing your specific business needs so that you don’t find yourself holding a help ticket or waiting for an Email response.

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