At Duncan, we believe in giving back and we have identified several priorities that are important to us. We know that an educated community provides greater security for families and a higher standard of living. We are grateful to the men and women in our armed forces who have sacrificed so much to ensure that Americans from all backgrounds can enjoy a life that is free from oppression and fear. And, we understand that we are stewards of the environment and must protect our natural resources so that our children and future generations can live in a world of fresh air, clean water, and healthy land.

We have chosen the following organizations to support. We hope that you will identify organizations in your community that meet your beliefs, because if we all do our part, we will create a better tomorrow for all.

Medical Ministry International Medical Ministry International


Lawrence School Lawrence School

Great Lakes Commission Great Lakes Commission

Chagrin Falls Veterans of Foreign Wars Chagrin Falls Veterans of Foreign Wars

Cuyahoga Community College Cuyahoga Community College